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When I asked her why she had never dated him, she said that he was not her type. Very often, the people we most attract and are attracted to are the ones that provide us the most drama.

There’s always that elusive quality or edge that makes the relationship fraught with intrigue.

Most communication is non-verbal in nature, so remember that when you write, the other person is not hearing voice inflection or seeing your body language. So be careful when and how you choose to use written communication.

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If they are aware of how their partner’s ADHD is affecting their ability to pay attention (and most of them are) they may be able to objectify it and even understand it, but at the end of the day, they are still not able to resolve the problem.

Many of these couples have been through the diagnosis stage, the education stage and the medication stage, and still the same problems around communication persists.

He or she may have felt that you were not interested in what they had to say or that you do not value them as a partner.

For this reason, you must Leslie is a holistic therapist working in South Florida who specializes in working with adults with ADHD.

So be aware that this language may induce some form of anxiety or defensiveness before you even start the conversation.

So perhaps you can let your partner know that you need some time to discuss something with in such a way that they don’t instantly feel that there is a problem.She’s a beautiful young woman who has had a variety of passionate relationships which, for some reason never “work out”.Over our past few sessions we have explored this pattern, only to discover that the men she most cared for were exciting, handsome, and dreamy, but somehow not very supportive or emotionally available.Often there is a lot of arguing, tension, excitement, longing, passion, and pain, but not a lot of trust, respect, safety, and loyalty.Certainly one does not have to have ADHD to fall into this same pattern, but here’s the part that seems to fit with the ADHD mind set.Ask them if they would mind giving you their attention for a few minutes, or perhaps you can gesture to them is some way that lets them know that you wish to talk and “they are not in trouble”. (only kidding :)) In some cases, you may want to write a letter or e mail to your partner so that they have time to read it, process it and consider how they want to respond without any pressure.


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