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Campus culture, social media, peer pressure, and new student vulnerability are topics we have seen covered in the news more now than ever.It is well documented when a student first arrives at college, it is significantly more likely they will experiment and feel the freedom associated with college life.The TV comes alive when the broadcast catches Manning or Harbaugh roaming the sidelines. I’ll let you know when it’s okay to stop pretending. Oakland Raiders (Sunday, p.m., Fox): Arizona 21, Oakland 10. Pittsburgh Steelers (Monday, p.m., ESPN): Pittsburgh 26, Houston 18. Most of my knowledge of NFL players comes from the occasional ad for headphones or satellite television packages.

I’ve been a loyal Direc TV subscriber for most of my adult life.

At least, this is what I tell the Direc TV customer service people when I call them to ask for discounts.

This realization is why targeted programming is implemented across college campuses to educate students about the risks associated with alcohol/drug, drugs, sexual health, hazing, and bystander behavior. Our program and campaign messages are targeted at freshmen students, international students, and traditional transfer students (under 24 yrs. However, the campus community as a whole benefits from the Red Zone Project campaign.

National news headlines have been filled with college campus news surrounding sexual assault, binge drinking, prescription pill misuse, diversity and equity issues and drug use.

It’s not like you’d watch Red Zone Everything all night. JT: Maybe I shouldn’t be joking about your wife’s dead aunt, who for all I know could have been very close to you and/or your wife. SO: 2) Did you ever see that Jimmy Johnson commercial for Extenze boner pills? SO: I’m pretty sure that the Dallas Cowboys should have been ejected from the league based on that alone. I know they’re both old men that some of my uncles are mad at sometimes. Jerry Jones only hires coaches with two Js as initials.

I often choose to keep watching a particular game after the real Red Zone Channel flips away. Since then the NFL punditry has realized that Tony Romo can fuck up all by himself; he doesn’t need the help of a bland pop star. My wife’s late aunt once told me I looked like Tony Romo, which was a total lie. Frankly, I’m surprised this game is being allowed to take place. Just ask the Cowboys’ current coach, Jason Jarrett. Watching two games for each of the NFL’s 32 teams, The Count tallied the number of times each head coach and quarterback was shown on the sidelines. The splotchy visage of Giants coach Tom Coughlin was shown an average of 39 times per game, as burst capillaries are pure visual drama. But only 14 times per game did the director cut to Detroit’s Jim Caldwell, a man whose only facial expression is “Oh my God, I think I’m on the wrong airplane.”As it happens, two camera-friendly league stars face off in the Sunday Night game this week. Siciliano is an appealing mix of nerdy fan and professional broadcaster.Not only does he keep viewers oriented as Red Zone Channel jumps from one game to another, but he also peppers in a few sarcastic remarks and engages in good-natured sparring with people who hector him on Twitter.My supposed “loyalty” is a lie, as I don’t have any viable options.

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