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I took a selfie of my self holding a single flower in front of me with my right hand.

I asked the woman I was chatting with to do the same.

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Don't join if you are a girl looking to meet with asian men. There are a few asians, but they are old and ugly as hell or just boring.

I got plenty of messages, all the same: You are so cute/sexy/beautiful.

Take a selfie of them selves holding a flower in front of them the same way as I.

It was not surprising that none of them could do it.

Its a big scam on the internet one can ever imagine, and if some one post good reviews of these all related site its fake review. Women on this site tried to get me to sign up for other dating sites so we could chat there.

It was just a scam to drum up business for a dating site with the same owner as this one.After we exchanged emails and communicated briefly, she suddenly suggested that she had vacation coming the next month and that she would like to apply for a VISA to come to the USA to get to know me even better(Red Flag #1) This was all to be set up through a Travel Agency that provided all business information except a phone number(Red Flag #2).It is very difficult to authentic that these businesses even exists.If you are looking for a serious relationship and really want to marry an Asian woman, I recommend You won't find many beautiful or sexy women on these site, they are the exception rather than the rule, but you won't find many fake profiles either.They also are the exception rather than the rule on these sites.And beside , not only do the costs add up , 30 dollars for one month, 60 dollars for three months up, but some of the features you find as a platinum member, like being able to translate your English to a Vietnamese who speaks only Vietnamese, might just be a waste of money to you (cause what would be the point meeting her or him if you can't communicate from the get go?


  1. After completing college, Longoria entered a talent contest that led her to Los Angeles; shortly after, she was spotted and signed by a theatrical agent.

  2. She sees Craig performing at the concert and leaves school to tour with him in Europe.

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  4. Sadly because of its fulfillment it became additionally a favored target of spammers and bot creators.- Bots are laptop programs which might be used to unsolicited mail chat rooms, they typically use female display screen names to trap male customers to click on links to grownup sites.

  5. When one group is preferred, it’s a “fetish”, whereas when they’re not preferred, they’re “devalued”.

  6. 'Radhuni’ brand spices are well known in the UAE retail market; which is been imported from the spice gardens of Bangladesh.

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  8. I took a selfie of my self holding a single flower in front of me with my right hand.

  9. .99 i believe) so i just grabbed them to try out. They go on light and creamy but with great coverage.