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The core of alpha body language includes the following: Advanced body language should also include voice tone and other subtleties that help create a dynamic individual. To those that have strong alpha male body language, it’s simple and easy.

Here at To Be Alpha, we believe strong alpha body language is more about how you live your life and incorporates a lot of minor pieces that all add up to create a confidence, strong, attractive individual.

Focus on creating a great first impression by shaking hands the alpha way.

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There are other times that you can fold your arms across your chest with one hand on your chin which is used for thinking. Please note that even if you are alpha or trying to be alpha, if you are in a rush (because there are times this happens) don’t be an idiot and think you should just walk slow. There are a number of ways to sit, some more alpha than others.

If there’s one thing to take away from your hands, it is that if you are still exhibiting confident body language, your hands can do what they want. Just as a general guide, bigger and wider is always better. If you decide to put your leg on top of another it should always be ankle over knee and not knee over knee (this is too feminine).

But those that don’t have good body language it’s actually complicated and can be frustrating to change.

Keep this in mind as you work through changing your body language.

If you are using poor negative beta body language then your hands can convey that you are a beta male and the characteristics associated with a beta. For many people, they just go through life unnoticed. Also don’t sit with your legs too close together as this again, limits your presence.

When’s the last time you thought to yourself, “I wonder if anyone notices me.” This is where presence comes in. Think about how a King sits, and mimic this style of sitting.

Presence is the ability to make yourself larger than you are. You will shake many hands throughout your life and probably even more if you are living the life of an alpha male.

Everyone wants to know you, everyone will want to meet you and be your friend.

But they ignore or overlook the simple things that take you from average to alpha. Make these simple adjustments to your body language and you’ll separate yourself from the masses of beta males.


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