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Palestinian resident of Jaffa, Mahmoud Mansour, has reportedly hired 14 security guards to be present at his wedding next week to Morel Malka, a Jewish Israeli, for fear he may be harmed by members/supporters of the radical anti-miscegenation group Lehava.* According to a report in NRG (Hebrew), Lehava – whose mission is to prevent marriage between Jews and non-Jews, and thus “save the daughters of Israel” – got hold of a copy of the wedding invitation on social media and reportedly published it in full, providing the date and location of the wedding, and called on people to come out in full force and protest.

A sticker from the anti-miscegenation group Lahava is seen on an electrical post in Jerusalem.

Bernstein adds that the Jewish community was "very strongly opposed" to "mixed marriages"."This was the case in [Jewish immigrants'] countries of origin," Bernstein says, explaining that the opposition to mixed marriages took on an "additional national element" in Israel.

But, sometimes, protests against such relationships ran the other way - leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.

After Ottoman rule ended, the British mandate also saw such couples.

Deborah Bernstein, a professor in the University of Haifa's department of sociology and anthropology, says that although there is no "systematic documentation or even discussion of the subject ... She found family stories of these couples while researching her Hebrew-language book about women in mandatory Tel Aviv.

Bernstein also discovered "archival welfare documents," pointing to such relationships.

"For example, [one referred to] a [Jewish] woman leaving her husband and children and going to live with an Arab man."In most cases, Bernstein says, Jewish women converted to Islam before marrying their Arab partner.Several are so concerned about family reactions, they have not told their parents about their Jewish or Arab partner. Because their families are so progressive, Alex says, their relationship is "relatively simple"."The first song I learned to sing was shir l'shalom [song for peace]. And if they do meet, they meet under unusual circumstances, like at a demonstration."Even though both Alex and Salma grew up in liberal homes, the two were no exception - it was activism that brought them together. Most of their friends hold similar political views, providing a buffer from the rest of Israeli society."You know, we sort of chose our lives," Salma says.We've gone to demonstrations since I was a toddler. "I can't be friends with racist people so it's easy to avoid.Jewish-Palestinian couples remain uncommon in Israel. But both the rally and letter point towards the difficulties faced by such couples, even those from liberal backgrounds.Rona, a young professional Jewish woman in her early thirties who asked to be identified by a pseudonym, has kept her relationship with a Palestinian man a secret from most of her relatives for almost four years.The Palestinian grandson of such a marriage lives in a neighbouring Arab country.


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