Asus p750 updating gps manually avop wild kingdom 2017

Vivek I would firstly like to thank everyone at your organization for their prompt service & assistance.I had ordered your maps for Garmin device not knowing how well they would work in India especially since our road network is not the best.Days before the trip i was really wondering how comfortable it would to travel to a unknown town, unknown state, that too thru roads that i had never known about. Much too our excitement the maps were so supportive all along the travel. The best delight was traversing thru ahmednagar town without seeking any help from passerby.

The phone is activated & working fine up to the expectations.

Expecting many more futuristic solutions from Sat Guide team in coming days. Anil K Chikkam Ajit Gandhi Hi Satnav team, I used PND loaded with satnav one india maps to navigate to shirdi.

But I am absolutely sure that that product would be no better than yours.

Thank you once again, since you have brought back life into my device that has been lying unused for 4 years now. I used the Satguide maps in a recent drive over South India, covering Coimbatore, Guruvayur, Parambikulam, Pollachi, Valparai, Ooty, and back to Bangalore via Mysore. I am absolutely delighted with your commitment level.

The maps smoothly connected us to the shirdi hiway. From shani signapur to ahmednagar there is a scenic route, which localite advised not to take as the connection route is quite confusing. Hoping to get similar support from you all in future.

Anyways our hotel location @ shirdi was located by "pinch & save" of the location manually at maps. Brownie point to the maps here, this route is available. Dinesh Turme Shalini, I appreciate you and satguide for quick response always.

To my surprise, I am extremely amazed at the accuracy of the product & also its vast database.

There is a similar product in the market by a competitor that is 7 times more expensive than yours.

The customer support remains unparalleled despite the growth of the company.


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