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In this scheme, one key is marked "active" and immediately used in zone signing operations, while the other is marked "published", and simply embedded in the zone for future use.Eventually, the "published" key becomes the active key, and the former "active" key is retired.

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Our zone has been fully signed automatically through local dynamic DNS updates.

Here is a copy of the signed zone file signed used in this example.

To this point, we've shown how to perform "semi-automatic" DNSSEC Smart Signing operations on a zone.

Next, we'll demonstrate how to perform "fully-automatic" DNSSEC Smart Signing on the same zone. If we add the directive to the zone block for and set that value to "yes", we can unsign the zone easily with local DDNS updates by removing the DNSKEY records.

To implement this, we'll need to "inform" the name server the following bits of information: Create the Zone Signing Key(s) or ZSK.

In this example, two ZSKs are built so that a pre-published ZSK rollover scheme can be implemented.

IN DNSKEY 257 3 5 Aw EAAa Rn D68SVROkvu Q5Qez1LMGqci UJ5a Vnzmr VLjt YUXg1X VT7HQKw KR77YDE Txa KDJH32kn8cfw PSb6k/i Pyn Knmc H02yn BUq Mx Yj x0Rya P l Kr C7GBj C2x56bp le JFEqcq5YVUBa VPs Pk8Gge9wf5vd Lhm Bz OH6Du Dd LGB6Vrcd TQd BHIn Vl Au Xj Q31OOb Ak Ebu Myfp GU o U0TGo D/nh Yo ALLMzj Wk BAk FCXn Ksg T51h PBSG4Szm HSOSqkp4Jvpaw YRWL7BIVTZQ84Tb8m0F um Fr bzz JXR8IT6O0s HS3d5nw75m5OQa Z22Wt HV0qfu Lt KCAQP4P992j A b6Yd Vbw Fg8U=Private-key-format: v1.3 Algorithm: 5 (RSASHA1) Modulus: p Gc Prx JVE6S 5Dl B7PUswapy JQnlp Wf Oat Uu O1h Re DVd VPsd Ar Ap Hvtg MT5PFoo Mkffa Sfx x/A9Jvq T I/Kcqe Zwf Tb Kc FSoz Fi P7HRHJo Uqs Ls YGMLb Hnpum V4k USpyrlh VQFp U w Twa B73B/m90 u GYHM4fo O4N0s YHp Wtx1NB0Ecid WUC5e NDf U45s CQRu4z J k ZSh TRMag P e Fig Assz ONa QECQUJecqy B Pn WE8FIbh LOYd I5Kq Sngm lr Bh FYvs Eh VNl Dzh Nvyb QW6YWtv PMld Hwh Po7Swd Ld3mf Dvmbk5Bpnb Za0 d XSp 4u0o IBA/g/33a MBvph1Vv AWDx Q== Public Exponent: AQAB Private Exponent: UIlw ZHpdl R7qq NDn29YLk AUx NJBXr Moqqs V7If Tv0Ne Lj/c Dau Hl BUwird AZS l Lci2df Im QK2Ymb0o Bq Iu Xwj Va HGz4C2I93o XH2Wj CV/j G3gb5ef/S6e5e Se GVdv GNdp0t Pj ZCVS8/We Zt Ztt2AQVNkeg/77JFR0k RSs JWf BGichsk G69Rb/2XMtgt Jgz En Qs3d63j Yu78P3FEi Cn3OGWh9GMq Qh 8w9Lj QUHOf/r3Db G6R5TKZ5QIM0NGEPGd8YEHVMl0T8KSac W8q Oeir Vy86d5Q7Rid QIS 5z AEBH8t LFV x F8Wvu Co3n9jd0q E6TG4Asi C0o Dv GCf I2X5F0LQ== Prime1: 1Uqgd BMXvb0c P3ee8vk/x HLTJFgdv YPPl PPAJc O2tork EPUB5w HVci Sze JIl HMe KQTBVaq Zd Og Cqi JFC21VNMn Y77e Ka JPsm T//HXDVSVI1Vi7nso Cudr1ydka1XEQTI3Md DUM4Y7Got Lwqx XPN7Vb Mt lqp GIiv T8enq Xs VM1Es= Prime2: x VJg Yty CWsv Bu Bi BBFPEs Cd0SFOc Kh Zry/Vm0Fnb Kgzn9j OE/Gh FBL3v XUL8h DHVcmwnzi1 ov O20Lk Plaf5Un YAepx Kz T4Bl ICb HCQZRls SPh K7exm A0o06as MUTg Tme77pa7ENy ZQOP jxik Te L92P rs5N6RXZS8Pug8a FXi8= Exponent1: HSGXLq NY78I/d G r Fv Zx/iv Mq L8c OMEi/e4Yx U oyd/Ib IR6IQo AFBnt JT Ys Ai U2nh2g h18y Cp FIGfuo LRS2dy KLOBx Oz HONsjxeqe Ruhifo Xjg V7P9Un Es2DO7m4hywqy4hf XQM6IAz9b/CHn80 2Soil Zx Q8OGr Bj Nu Onrp2c= Exponent2: JZNKR4k2SZQDj8saxngt PF5HBn7lp XRpn7K8Op R53Xcq XYYru CCLTAd Qpg Nk Av Sv AOcne yq Rb DZ82c Jj9Vv HXqy Z6r9Yfz0Pj/ftka5OIde14Zwvl4GDxp Se Sz Za54CHY4k3agq NVZWc IQ9675mtt e 7LM6ch4Zhmsv036Mu Qo E= Coefficient: M9x TJu Wxyan Pu5rq5YOn T3Xqlg JHLx Lu BUCg YEu H9y Jq9c/1nc3d r GZol 4Bbf4QIJ 3m U QIg Sc XBEea3Gn Taj To Wq DJt Asl W 8/3B4p DR3SWu NCh FTh UXp Ec4Qz ENJk1Rnigp HJ6KGk NYe Ja C qg4Sz63Oj Bt ECTGrknz KL0o I= Created: 20100225180754 Publish: 20100225180754 Activate: 20100225180754 Assume that our zone file for is aptly named "" and is located in the /var/named/dynamic/directory path on our server.

It's very important to ensure that file permissions are properly set and maintained on zone file(s) and/or key file(s).

NIST recommends KSKs be generated 2048 bits in length: ; This is a key-signing key, keyid 16528, for

; Created: Thu Feb 25 2010 ; Publish: Thu Feb 25 2010 ; Activate: Thu Feb 25 2010

This file is not human readable, but can be parsed with the bind-provided utility, named-journalprint.

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