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My name is Jimmy and I am extremely pleased to join the Make Use Of team.

I have always loved computers and technology, probably beginning with a program my dad, a computer guy in his own right, helped me write in Super DOS (it included a picture made with asterisks).

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Only very loud and shrill sounds – like the train whistle – will be registered. The young man gets off the train and takes another suitcase from the coolie and loads it. Man 1 passes it to the next man who passes it to the next. Then a plastic shopping bag comes in, stuffed with loose items. Meanwhile – Coolie (OC) Hum keh rahe the doo go coolie ka samaan hai…

There are a few others who have collected in the door area in the second class sleeper to see the drama.

The rails are clanging along, bushes are jumping out from the darkness, poles are whizzing past.

Sc # 8 Night, Int / Exteriors Train Door, Passage Aditya opens the door of the train and looks out.

Some other men in suits are seen, contributing to the tense conversation. Lawyer 1 Humne aapko consider karne ko nahin kaha hai. Sc # 4 Evening, Int / Exteriors Club House Reception Ceremony The car drives into a club house and parks. Many men and women – all decked up in fineries – notice Aditya as he walks in.

There is a middle aged woman sitting across the table to him. Lawyer 2 Yahan milne ka matlab yehi hai ki hum Mrs Khanna ki demands ko consider kar rahe hain. Sc # 2 Day, Interiors Corporate Office – Washroom, Corridor Aditya stands facing the mirror in the wash room. Sc # 3 Day, Int / Exteriors Corporate Office – Foyer, Porch Aditya walks into the foyer. Some salute, some wish, somebody runs towards the porch. He walks around and takes the key from the driver and sits in the car. A wedding reception platform, bride and groom and guests and photographers.

Geet Ye passage waali seats koi nahin lena chahta, magar main insist karti hoon ki bhaiya passage waali seat hi do.

Aditya looks at her, then gets up and sits on twenty three. (snip) Geet is opening her jacket and hanging it in between and talking to Aditya.

Now the young man climbs back in and extends his hand. She clambers in, stands clutching her waist, panting and exhausted. Geet You know, mujhe Non AC mein chalna better lagta hai.

Geet (OC) Haan dekh rahi hoon, aap jaldi jaldi samaan leejiye… The girl is walking up holding a bag and ticket, talking to the three people who are following her with her luggage.

She drops her bag, looks at her ticket, looks back at Aditya suspiciously.

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