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Windows executable and source code (suitable for Windows, Linux, Mac) available Kivor GUI is an executable to control the Kivor or Akurate Music Server by RS232 or ethernet (suitable for Windows Only) LPEC Terminal is an executable to control the Linn DS using a TELNET port.

This software was created to show how 3rd party control system such as AMX, Crestron, Control4 can control the Linn DS without using UPn P ports (suitable for Windows Only but can run in OSX with WINE) Linn Test Manager is an executable to control Linn Products with RS232 control, this is mainly used for diagnostics of products.

bsd updating-67

Due to filename extensions and/or mime-type declarations by the webmaster, some of the data sets may not be directly viewable with a web browser.

In this post I explain how to update the spreadsheet, and at the end of this post is comment from Just The Facts on the base periods used for each of the data sets spreadsheet.

If you wish to start developing with the Linn Open Source code go to the developer program for build instructions and to view the software architecture documentation.

Features Check out the screenshots Kazoo is now the UPn P control point.

Some of these things have to be rebuilt when the jpeg code changes, some do not.

Dependency rebuilds have to be done in the correct order; jpeg has to be rebuilt before tiff can be rebuilt, and so on up the chain.

The leading edge (development trunk) version of the system will be the "master".

The build process requires some time to build all the userland programs and the Dragon Fly BSD kernel.

Most of the following steps can be done as ordinary user.


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