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This has led to lots of clashes with the DEA, mostly in the form of arrests and raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and patients.

Tax paying businesses which are fully legal under state law are being undermined and ruined by the Feds.

The vote went down to the wire in 2010, with the proposition losing by an extremely narrow margin.

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By using mass media as his weapon, Anslinger propelled his anti-marijuana sentiment to a national movement by spreading false truths, fear, racism and propaganda.

By 1937 cannabis became illegal in an act drafted by Anslinger himself.

Their case is gaining support from the public and continued media attention is bringing the discussion out into the public domain.

This will be the second time our Constitutional Court faces a case regarding the cannabis use, with the current case from The Dagga Couple being fundamentally different in that it seeks to not be limited to religious grounds as was the previous case of Gareth Prince.

The current legal status of marijuana in South Africa, as we all know, is illegal.

But it’s pretty apparent that the market just keeps on growing; busts are getting bigger and more people are opening up about their support for the herb. Office on Drugs and Crime’s “World Drug Report” states that between 119 million to 224 million of people 18 and older used marijuana in 2010, making it the most consumed illicit drug in the world.This is a trend not only in South Africa, but all over the world. The simple fact is that prohibition doesn’t work, at all. Before we get on to the great possibility of weed being legal in SA, we first need to have a little chat about the United States of America.America is largely responsible for the worlds’ archaic views on cannabis. After prohibition of alcohol had ended, Anslinger was appointed head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.If California alone can generate over 100 million Dollars in tax revenue per year from the legal sale of medical marijuana (forget hemp and recreational marijuana), shouldn’t we as South Africans, at the very least, be discussing this issue more openly?Unlike Americans, South Africans do not have the luxury of being allowed to decide our laws at a provincial or national level via policies that have been petitioned and qualified for a public vote.If that happens, according to a poll released by the Washington Post, the initiative has a great chance of passing. will likely be joining Alaska and Oregon during the 2014 Election by placing a cannabis legalization initiative on the ballot. I hope the federal government respects the will of Washington D. voters in the event that the initiative makes the ballot and passes.

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