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I emailed you about this topic a year or two ago, and I've since taken a class in radioisotope chemistry at UCI.

As a result I was using some of my texts to examine the decay of Americium 241 and noted the naturally occurring decay chains for U235, U238 and Th232, as well as the fully decayed chain for Pu241.

As the reaction would proceed, the water would heat up and vaporize, thereby depriving the neutrons of the moderating influence of liquid water, and the reaction would slow down.

As the water vapor condensed and reformed, the reaction would pick up the pace again.

-- some quotes on radiocarbon dating Change in Decay Rates Atomic Ages Cesium 133 Oldest Living Tree?

Setterfield: Atomic decay rates do not depend on the speed of light.

This also made for rapid heating of the earth interior (cool to start with).

Furthermore, there is evidence that the main radioactive elements were concentrated in a layer low in the mantle and came to the surface progressively after that.Also, many rock units have been radioisotopically dated by only one or two radioisotopic systems, whereas we need to see if there are patterns in the results when rock units are 'dated' by all the major radioisotopic systems.This is where money has needed to be spent, but this procedure is obtaining original results that are proving invaluable in developing a model and an understanding of the radioisotopic data within our Biblical framework for earth history.Both are, however, 'children' of the same parent -- the Zero Point Energy.Because of this, and because the speed of light is in the numerator of every reduced radio decay rate equation, any changes in the speed of light are indicating changes in atomic decay rates. Importantly, the original short half-life elements were also a contributor and they have gone now.Oklo I've been reading "Impossibility: The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits" by John D.


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