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  2. CL is a numbers game, and you'll have to respectfully answer as many ads as you can, showing exactly how you fit the criteria specified.

  3. We've said it before and we don't mind saying it again... We have been in the casual dating scene for over a decade, providing adult dating to over 120 countries.

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  5. I believe the chemistry between the main leads was amazing throughout the entire drama. I dislike joo jang mi since the beginning of the drama, so i hate seeing jang mi and ki tae together. A light hearted one, not one that will stress you out & i loveeee the main couple!! The very reason why this drama gives a big impact to me because the actors and actresses act naturally you would really laugh out loud with those funny scenes because the artist were great in portraying it. The main girl is a little bit annoying, i don't like her character, but that's just me personally i don't really like those types of girls. Some people described this drama as being "unrealistic", but isn't that why we watch dramas? (and thank god cable tv can shelve drama prudishness) I really love the drama.. They are so sweet I want to see the next ep faster I can't Wait anymore their drama is making me crazy.. let me think of me and my Bf that we first time met each other I hope.. Faster and I want to download and see the other ep... I will will support the drama And the other drama too... I wonder if Ki-Tae would 'stick-it-in' or 'put-it-in-the-tube'. Everything make me laughing louder and louder!!!!!! Love her expressions especially in ep4, when she saw Yeo Reum before leaving for their "date' Watched that scene few time. Cant wait for next episode I start watching "Marriage Not Dating" for Jinwoon and Yeon Woo Jin (love u boys :) but it's a very great drama actually hehe...

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