Cisco attendant console directory not updating

Application plugins extend the functionality of Cisco Call Manager.

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See who is on the phone, call details, user status. Optional Exchange Connector gives calendar status and location.

Ability to get status from XMPP (like Jabber) or MS Lync included at no additional charge.

Step 2 Click the icon next to the plugin that you want to install.

Step 3 To download the plugin, click Run this program from its current location or Save this program to disk.

Once in search and right click, double click, or drag and drop transfer is available to these numbers. Notification via email, phone screen splash, and IM supported.

(includes the ability to import from Cisco's Legacy Attendant Console) Email notification, or direct phone screen messages to selected users if someone dials 911 or any other list of selected numbers. Ability to link to any XMPP compliant server, and read user presence.

You can also with 1 toggle button click, search in only 1 extension group, making it easy to find a user in a department or location when only a first name is known.

A screen allowing you to mix and match extensions shown.

BOC supports call monitoring and control on multiple lines or DNs.


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