Consolidating private student loans sallie mae advice for teens about dating

I explained that there was no way for Fred to make this payment anytime soon.

The collections person at Sallie Mae was able to do two things for Fred.

First, they lowered his interest rate from almost 15% to 3%.

Second, to address the large outstanding balance issue, we agreed that if Fred made 6 monthly payments at the new low rate, hs back due amount would be set to zero and they would inform all the major credit bureaus that Fred was current.

This article will focus on my experience in getting interest rates lowered with Sallie Mae.

If you are less interested in how I got my rates lowered and more interested in getting your rates lowered here is .

Please also include the lender you were working with so that we can help as many people as possible.

Managing federal student loan debt is complicated enough.I spoke with a customer service rep who told me that all she could to was lower my interest rate by .25% if I signed up for automatic bank withdrawals.She also said she would accept payments of interest only at my current 13%.This was what I had been told before and it really isn’t helpful at making a meaningful dent in student loan debt.Then I asked her about the “rate reduction plan.” She said she couldn’t do that and that I would have to talk with the collections people.They have far more authority to help than the typical customer service person.


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