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S.; you’re going to meet women who are prettier and younger — ones you wouldn’t even feel comfortable approaching in the U. Does she touch the back of your elbow when you’re talking?

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He claims his tours have resulted in some 5,000 marriages and have a success rate no worse than most conventional paths to wedlock.

As recently as a decade ago TLC used to run bimonthly tours to half a dozen cities in Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.

His tours are now lucky to draw 20 men and 100 would-be brides — a fraction of the volume he was doing in his heyday 15 years ago. It made me immediately curious as to how the TV version could be so popular, while the real-life version is generally scorned as sleazy and strange.

Consider these events from our three-day itinerary: There was no way I was missing that. There were 20 other men, most of whom, I surmised, were in their late 40s-60s.

On arrival day, White — our very own Chris Harrison — took the gentlemen aside for a talk filled with helpful aphorisms to help us succeed in finding love. Some said they had been married multiple times, while others were veteran bachelors.

It was an interesting mix of pencil-pushing middle management types and rugged outdoorsmen — a coal miner, a lumberjack, and one guy who looked like he just dead-lifts weights all day long.

Today, White is the last man holding up the collapsing industry in Latin America, though a few other companies still run similar operations in Russia and Asia.

Unmoved by a changing world, White is defying tectonic shifts in business models, dating trends and society’s tendency to frown on older American men looking for younger brides in the global south. “But we’re not dead yet.” And that was a good thing for me, because it gave me a chance to fulfill my dream of becoming The Bachelor. The similarities between single men’s tours and The Bachelor are striking.

It was the moment I’ve been quietly preparing for during 19 seasons of The Bachelor.

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