Dating profile headline suggestions

Real life examples: “Rustic_Rocking_Running”: Don’t use random numbers or your year of birth: Usernames that include an incessant amount of random numbers are a waste of a username and make it impossible for someone to remember if your message gets misplaced for some reason.Real life examples: “Nate.r.m86”, “hsh109483”, “Zzz1982”: No sexual connotations: If you’re looking for a relationship, never use the word ‘sex’, ‘xxx’, ‘sexy’ or any other connotation of this word in your username or headline.If you can accomplish one of these goals in your headline, you’ll increase the likelihood that a potential match will click on you and perhaps even message you. The whole idea is to lighten the mood and spark some conversation.

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Think of your favorite movies, bands, special travel destinations and even pop culture references, and incorporate those.

I mean, what’s not to like about a world traveler!?

Not sure exactly what it is you’re looking for yet? But if you’re genuinely interested in finding a relationship, don’t be afraid to say so!

If you select “looking for no commitment” or ‘want to date but nothing serious”, don’t expect people to read between the lines and assume you are “open to a relationship if you meet the right person”.

The more you beef up your interest list the better equip our matching algorithmic is to come up with people who are best suited to you.

Writing about yourself isn’t always easy, but everyone is in a similar boat.

Creativity: The best profiles can articulate who they are and what they’re looking and do it with a lot of humor and self awareness.

30 minutes: This is about how long it takes to create a well thought-out profile. 3 photos of yourself (we’ll get to this in our next post): You’ll want a great head photo, a full length photo and a photo of you doing something active.

Your profession is more important than you may think in determining how compatible you are with a match, so it’s important to be accurate.

So skip the ‘Yes’, ‘Got one’ and ‘Just Ask’ and be honest about how you earn a living. list the industry you work in: If you aren’t comfortable disclosing your exact position or the company you work for, it’s OK to be more general for the time being.

What to write in the Profession field: This field is not a yes or no question.


  1. Make your chat with strangers extremely interesting!

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  3. My issues with him now are that he is obsessed with his work, and becoming more successful to the point that we barely see each other anymore. If so I don't think he's loosing interest or playing games.

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