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And like one out of every 2,000 people, she was born with an intersex body.

Intersex, or DSD (Disorders of Sex Development), is more complicated than most people think.

When Caitlin Childs first heard about South African track star Caster Semenya, who was asked to submit to a gender-verification test after her gold-medal win at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin last month, she braced herself for the deluge of ill-informed media analysis.

A search of his home turned up evidence that makes him a person of interest in the disappearances of all three women — Hartz, Clayton and Lindley, Head said.

"Until we can come up with some more evidence, we're just going to keep doing everything we possibly can to find these women and find out any information we can about that and Mr. Ting-Wei Chiang, Carnochan's public defender in the pending cases, declined to comment on his person-of-interest status.

Meanwhile, Baggs attends all of Carnochan's court appearances.

"I want him to tell me where he left my mother, and I know she's not alive," Baggs said.

Mohave County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Rodney Head said fingerprints confirmed the man was Carnochan, a Canadian citizen who fled to the U. He told investigators that Hartz was alive when he dropped her off at a Kingman business in March.

Head declined to identify the woman Carnochan was found living with but said she was unharmed.“The word hermaphrodite was used a lot, which is pretty offensive.It was upsetting to see all of these people pop up who seem to think they have the right to speculate about what somebody else’s body looks like.”Caitlin is a 26-year-old community organizer from Atlanta, a brunette with a wide smile and a confident voice.Verna Clayton, who would be 73 now, was last seen in June 2008 in the small town of Dolan Springs, Arizona.Neva Jane Lindley, who would be 77 now, was last seen in November 2011 in Las Vegas.Baggs spoke to her 72-year-old mother once on the phone three days later and hasn't heard from her since.


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