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If convicted, penalties include: Additionally, Florida has a statutory minimum sentence of 21 months in prison for this offense, unless there are mitigating factors or a legitimate reason why the sentence should be reduced (downward departure from sentencing guidelines).

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All the pieces are in place for Atlanta to be the best dating city in America,” he says.

Howie started his love tours as a promotional tool for his book “How to Find Love in 60 Seconds,” ($20, 4th Street Media) then it turned into a social experiment. In 2016, the tour will go to nine countries and 200 cities (it returns to Atlanta on March 2).

Criminal Penalties for Traveling to Meet a Minor in Orlando & Central Florida Individuals who are found guilty of this crime will face harsh punishment.

As mentioned earlier, traveling to meet a minor is a second degree felony offense.

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According to Sandra Rose: At least 8 of my loyal readers requested Idris Elba for todays Morning Wood.

I knew if I didnt give him to you I would have a mutiny on my hands. But she was just a regular girl from around the way: no weave, no makeup, no bells or whistles.

Interesting note: if you saw Idris girlfriend you would be so mad because she could easily be you. Just a smart girl who used what God gave her to hook a good looking man. just wondered was it true he was in love with her...

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