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From this reimbursement, the clerk shall pay the law enforcement agency serving the injunction the fee requested by the law enforcement agency; however, this fee may not exceed .

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Animals bring love to our hearts and warmth to our souls. (b) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the actor: (1) was not more than three years older than the victim and of the opposite sex; (2) did not use duress, force, or a threat against the victim at the time of the offense; and (3) at the time of the offense: (A) was not required under Chapter 62, Code of Criminal Procedure, to (c) In this section, "sexual contact" means the following acts, if committed with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person: (1) any touching by a person, including touching through clothing, of the anus, breast, or any part of the genitals of a child; or (2) any touching of any part of the body of a child, including touching through clothing, with the anus, breast, or any part of the genitals of a person.

(d) An offense under Subsection (a)(1) is a felony of the second degree and an offense under Subsection (a)(2) is a felony of the third degree.

He only comes around every blue moon to cause some trouble for the family.

Would the father be able to do anything to stop the relationship from happining? A person 18 or older having sex with a 15, 16, or 17 year old faces a misdemeanor, punishable by a year in jail and $2500 fine. Her father's relationship with the family has no bearing on the illegality of your relationship.

Any such ex parte temporary injunction shall be effective for a fixed period not to exceed 15 days.

However, an ex parte temporary injunction granted under subparagraph (2)(c)2.

If you have her parents' consent, then you shouldn't have a problem, as long as you keep all various body parts seperate.

(and, please, you know what I am saying...please don't ask for a list of exactly what is acceptable ).

The respondent shall be personally served with a copy of the petition, notice of hearing, and temporary injunction, if any, prior to the hearing.


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