Document review and updating

So in celebration of the stalled nature of what I, laughingly, call my career, I present the 7 signs you’ve been doing document review too long…

So all the stress and angst of preparing for trial with none of the monetary benefits. If you have information about a bad contract attorney job, send an email to [email protected]?

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This includes information embedded in software, digital files, videos, audio recordings, photographs, and also master samples – if that is part of how you communicate requirements. Will you make end users responsible for checking the status of their hard copies before each use? How will you identify/segregate/archive obsolete documents you might want to keep?

Regardless of how you hold the information, anything deemed necessary for the organisation to operate, or necessary for the effective functioning of the management system, must be controlled. How will people know if they do, or don’t, have the updated information? How will you make sure that current documents are in use? How do you find and control documents from external sources? relevant standards, legislation, supplier product specifications. ‘Control’ meaning all of the previous questions on approval, review, updates, access, etc.

And we are left with reviews that include only the most relevant documents. Pay has gone down just as the job has gotten harder. We’ve talked a little about foreign language reviews before, but the number of Japanese-language document review projects is truly stunning.

And, it is not unusual for those projects to pay an hour. “Responsive” is how you respond to stuff in conversation. For all the fancy degrees hanging in your parent’s basement, the truth is a contract attorney’s livelihood is based on the rote task of clicking a mouse.

It was accompanied by all the usual strum und drang — the seating chart, the log-ins, the deadline — typical but annoying stuff. Well, at least it was someone I’d been on reviews with before who was distinctly not weird.

When you’ve been on multiple projects with the same agency or vendor you start assembling a cast of “regulars,” and these people can be your lifeline during arduous projects.

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