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Many of these Russian translations are added by other users, just like you.

Of course, to maintain a high standard and good quality any new English or Russian words to be added to the English-Russian dictionary need to be authenticated.

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Both English and Russian translations are searched in the English-Russian dictionary which means the input language does not matter.

Should you be overwhelmed with English-Russian translation results you can limit the number of translations shown by filtering for grammar, region and style.

Even though a Russian translation has not been approved it still shows up in search results.

It is marked as unverified though, and only after passing the scrutiny of 10 other users will the translation be included in the English- Russian dictionary.

In written American English, the month of the date comes before the day and year.

For example, Independence Day in the USA is on July 4th each year.

And while I tend to prefer the racial diversity of Brazil and Colombia, I have to make an exception for this part of the world.

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Depending on the field or context a Russian term is used in, it can have different meanings.


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