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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. It happened to me a few times to date or have relationships with very muscly and attractive men and I'm not a thin girl altough I'm not extremely obese either.

This guy is really into the health, gym going, healthy eating thing.

I just turned 52, am 5’ 9” and 164 pounds, with 42-inch chest, 29 1/2-inch waist, and 36-inch hips.

The reality of maintaining that includes working out at the gym 5-6x per week (resistance/weights & cardio), eating an exact diet (weighing portions etc), supplementation (vitamins, calcium, BCAAs, etc), proper rest, and drinking 80 oz. I also love to play sports, hike, ride a racing bicycle, etc.

One S/O once made a first dinner which included an elaborate dessert.

She seemed sad when I only took two nibbles of the dessert.

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We’d been out to dinner a few times, and I had said that I do not typically eat dessert, so I’m not sure why she expected me to “knock down” a 2,500 calorie bowl of sugars and fats.

If we had dessert when eating out we would split it and I’d only take a couple of bites.

And before i get some cliche answers Yes the guy truly finds me attractive, his himself handsome and not desperate and he is not sleeping with me because he has noone else Yes he is white so the cliche of black/latin guys prefering big women do not aply to my experience :)OP: Yes, people online are willing to use more restrictive criteria for selecting from the possibilities. Men have a pretty wide range of what they find attractive in women.

The thought process is likely that there are far more people available online than they will meet IRL, and for that matter they can still look elsewhere, but wait for someone 'perfect' online and not 'settle' like they do IRL. maybe he was trying to convince you through a 'lead by example' approach to join him in his exercise regimen. Could it possibly be that this man has simply come to all but forget about the packaging because he's entralled with what's under the wrapper? Could it be the man likes heavier women or that he simply cares for you more than convention? You two go out and have the time of your frargin' lives. The second thing is life style and personality clash that shows up in weight issues.

He builds bridges for a living wears a 32 in pants and well toned his wife probibly wears a 28 (in womens that is) if not more. Just because a guy loves to work out and eat healthy himself does not mean he expects his woman to do the same , I personally am a gym rat but love all kinds of women and find them attractive, its all about the individual woman and how she carries herself so to speak, if she believes she is attractive then chances are the men in her life will aswell.

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