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Instead, the FEP participated in a number of projects trying to coordinate the secular opposition against the Islamist majority that came out of the election, namely the Egyptian Nation Alliance that was announced in September 2012, The Free Egyptians Party supported the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, which followed anti-government protests against him.

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The Egyptian Bloc has taken up the cause of defending Egypt's secularity and civic society.

However, until the first post-revolutionary parliamentary elections, held in November 2011 and January 2012, several member parties left the Egyptian Bloc, complaining that it included "remnants of the former regime".

Together, the Bloc won 2,402,238 votes, corresponding to a share of 8.9%.

Of the 332 seats allocated to parties and coalitions, 33 were taken by candidates of the Egyptian Bloc, 14 of which were members of the Free Egyptians Party.After holding the first congress of the party on Ahmed Said was elected as the first elected president of the Free Egyptians Party.After the merger of the Democratic Front Party into the Free Egyptians Party, at the first Supreme Council meeting on 28 April 2014 Essam Khalil was elected to be General Secretary.One FEP member was elected to one of the 166 seats reserved for individual candidates.Unlike its partners ESDP and Tagammu, the Free Egyptians Party decided to boycott the Shura council elections in January and February 2012, citing the reluctance of authorities to address irregularities during the lower house elections.It is no wonder why a lot of people would like to chat with Egyptians because they are usually physically attractive.


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