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However, Preston walks in to announce that he has asked Irina to marry him, and she said "yes".

His parents become horrified, and when Lynette tells him she doesn't think Irina's right for him, Preston becomes angry.

Preston then introduces them to his Russian fiancée, a beautiful woman named Irina. During dinner, Lynette and Tom discover that while in France, Preston bought Irina several gifts, and they start to wonder what the woman's true intentions are, and what she expects to get out of this relationship.

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Lynette tries to cover it up, but is unable to, and leaves.

Later, the young couple announce to Preston's parents they are getting their own apartment.

Irina filed for divorce, but Alexei refused to sign the papers, thus the two never legally divorced.

Irina left Russia and met Preston Scavo at a nudist beach in Nice, France and quickly seduced the young man.

Preston thinks his mother's gone, and steps out of the closet.

Lynette becomes infuriated at them, because she had warned them not to have sex in the house.What she doesn't know is that Preston gives up on the idea of going to college and gets a job as a gutter at a meat-packing company, in order to pay for a three-bedroom apartment.Lynette is appalled by this revelation during dinner, and Irina tells her Preston is doing it so that he can provide for the woman he loves.Irina's phone rings, and Lynette picks it, but it's some Russian guy and she can't understand what he's saying.She hands the phone to Irina, who apparently argues with the guy.It is soon revealed that he is planning on giving Irina his grandmother's wedding ring, because Lynette promised it to him.


  1. When they learn that a nice apartment and an expensive cabriolet isn't enough for them to score with the ...

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