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Family Tree Builder allows anyone to build a family tree visually and to even add thousands of people quickly.Not all free genealogy programs can store large databases.

A side-by-side comparison chart of many of the available features in these programs is included at the end of this article.

Family Tree Builder for Windows and Macintosh Family Tree Builder for Windows and Macintosh from My Heritage is a surprisingly powerful and full featured genealogy program that is available free of charge.

Many of them are not full featured programs that will record almost everything about an individual, provide all sort of printouts, and include multimedia libraries.

The following is a list in alphabetical order of the better (in my opinion) and more full-featured free genealogy programs available today for Windows, Macintosh, and one program for Linux.

It is not an entry-level program that is restricted in any manner.

There is no upgrade to a paid version; everything is available in the free version.

I believe it is the only free genealogy program that will synchronize data with a major genealogy web site.

Family Tree Builder also takes advantage of My Heritage’s Smart Matching feature, which searches the My Heritage database looking for family tree profiles that match.

However, each person found by the automated software is presented as a POSSIBLE relative; the user can decide the actions to be taken for each identified potential relative: add to the database, reject the person, or save for future research without adding to the Family Tree Builder database at this time.

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