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All you've gotta do is get right with your own path.OLOIZIA: Well, I think this is a good place to talk about the Broadway show () and the Tonys.OLOIZIA: The first Frames record that I bought was , and you could hear the songs really being stretched out.

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HANSARD: I absolutely adore the alchemy of a bit of an idea.

What really happened on this record was, I just surrounded myself by people who are better than I am.

And so, you might be blessed and you might be young and very grounded, but I kind of know from myself—was when I was 20, I was in a film called , and it wasn't the biggest thing that ever happened, but it was pretty big.

And I kind of rejected the experience because I wasn't grounded enough to deal with that at the time.

The real-life romance that blossomed out of Oscar-winning indie "Once" is over.

Glen Hansard confirmed he is no longer dating Marketa Irglova.

, blossom from an indie film with limited distribution into a full-blown Broadway production that took home eight trophies at last Sunday's Tony Awards.

Even for Hansard, the humblest of interview subjects who began his career busking on the streets of Dublin nearly thirty years ago, this is just cause for reflection—if not self-congratulation.

So when success came to us when we won the Oscar, I was 37, and man, was I ready it for it.

[]OLOIZIA: I take it you're someone who probably doesn't resent people who have quick success as much as you're just appreciative of the way it happened for you. I try to believe—maybe naively, maybe not, but I sort of believe it's there for us all.

But there is much more to Glen Hansard than this latest triumph. OLOIZIA: But I also want to congratulate you on the new record, which in itself is really fantastic.

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