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Men are focused on my wedding rings, not my ankle bracelet! If I am sitting in a bar without my husband, and I’m wearing my wedding rings, and I am letting a man flirt with me, and I am sending him positive vibes, he doesn’t care if I am a hotwife out hunting, or a bored wife looking for a little excitement outside of her own bedroom.The only thing he cares about is that he and I are sharing the same space at the same time and he has a shot at soiling a married woman.December 2, 2016Most of my blog posts are aimed at helping people enter this magical relationship enriching Alternative Marriage Lifestyle.

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I was already practically hooked up by the time he sat down in the lounge. The young gym rat in town on business was rubbing my leg and I covered his hand and told him he was being very naughty.

He told me that he knew I liked it though and then he kissed me.

Men usually take that hint, but if it’s late and I am ready to go to his room I might say something like, “If you are going to keep doing then we need to go someplace else.”I used that line on a very young man I met in a hotel lounge last January that I wrote about in my blog.

I had been telling my bloggers that my success rate was in the 90% range because I knew how to do it now.

That is not the norm but it does happen that way sometimes.

A more typical close happens when the club closes, and he says “Where can we go now? ” He says “I am staying here in the hotel”, or “I am staying across the street in the hotel.”If I am ready to close the deal all I have to say is, “Do you have one of those little honor bar things in your room?

I wasn’t expecting it, but it played right into what I was trying to show my husband.

I told him if he was going to keep doing that to me we needed to go somewhere else. Michael watched me leave the bar and get on the elevator with him.

If I let him start buying me drinks, things will slowly escalate. If I am sending positive signals they like to get physically closer to me.

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