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(6) Sexual exploitation of children as defined in section 6320 (relating to sexual exploitation of children).SOURCE Disclaimer: The materials available at this website are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

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Under Pennsylvania law, a defendant is strictly liable for the offense of rape, a felony of the first degree, when the complainant is 12 or younger. Except as provided in section 3121 (relating to rape), a person commits a felony of the second degree when that person engages in sexual intercourse with a complainant under the age of 16 years and that person is four or more years older than the complainant and the complainant and the person are not married to each other.

Pennsylvania has enacted several other strict liability sexual offenses when the complainant is under 16, but 13 years old or older. § 3125 Aggravated indecent assault (7) the complainant is less than 13 years of age; or (8) the complainant is less than 16 years of age and the person is four or more years older than the complainant and the complainant and the person are not married to each other.

Teenagers aged 13, 14 and 15 may or may not be able to legally engage in sexual activity with partners who are less than 4 years older.

Such partners could not be prosecuted under statutory rape laws, but may be liable for other offenses, even when the sexual activity is consensual.

Do you consider 17 year olds to be young in relation to your age?

He will be charged an sentenced to a minimum of 3 years state penitentiary with 5 years parole and will be forever on the registered sex offenders list. It is absolutely illegal for him to touch her in any single sexual way whatsoever.

Hello I have started seeing some one who has a 7 year age gap with me.

We began seeing each other 3 months ago when I was 16 but i turned 17 this May.

Ive only just turned 17 its not like il be 18 in a few months i won't be 18 for another year.

My question is to boys who are 22-25 if your friend told you he was seeing a 17 year old old what would you think?

Basically the problem is im going to his birthday party/bbq next week where all of his friends will be.


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