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"Employer sponsorship is very problematic," Phil Honeywood, national executive director of the International Education Association of Australia, said.

"There's a high cost involved, you have to deal with a migration employer often, so the paperwork for employers is very complicated," he said.

He says in some sectors there is also a financial disincentive for employers to hire foreign students.

"There is a situation in which the minimum wages and the minimum salaries for many occupations, be it aged care worker or be it as a marketing officer, are much higher [for foreign students] than what the award rate is here in Australia," he said.

Foreign students now have the right to stay and work in Australia for two years after finishing their course.

After those two years they must go through the difficult process of finding an employer to sponsor them to stay or they must leave the country."Students are no longer just going to Australia seeking permanent residency, they are actually going there to get a quality education," Ms Thomas said.While the standard of Indian universities varies, many offer poor quality courses - for example of the half a million students who graduate from engineering degrees in India each year, only 20 per cent have the skills to be employed in the sector.It's not just Australia that has changed in recent years.India's growing economy has pulled hundreds of millions of people into the middle class and has given them the means and the drive to pursue higher education.Most people are much less shy when online than they are in real life.


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