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Her weight plagued her through most of her school years, and she actually transferred schools in sixth grade because she was teased about her weight. During gym class, a peer said, "Oh Dina, you can't do tai kwan do — you have to do fat kwan do." Dina was outgoing, popular, the student council president and the captain of the basketball team, but her weight still cast a shadow over her school years.

"I was always self-conscious and really depressed about my weight," she says.

Yes, first dates are often full of awkward moments, but hers was unique. Her date kept asking if anything was wrong with the food, and she simply said no, she just wasn't that hungry.

He picked a bit off her plate, and she thought she was in the clear. The waitress, too, was concerned about how much food Dina didn't eat.

My heritage comes from a long line of large and overweight family members on my mother and grandfather’s side of the family. I have battled with my weight for the past 20 years trying all types of popular diets and even medications for weight loss as well. I was a big guy in high school, and had some pretty significant self-esteem issues. Procedure: Gastric Sleeve My name is James Preston. Stowers in December of 2012 @ 286.7 lbs and 49 years of age.

Category: Gastric Sleeve From the time I was a child in grade school, I was always considered the “big girl” or “big boned” girl. Date Operation: June 2013 Weight Loss: 95 LBS Procedure: Gastric Sleeve I started out weighing 240 lbs and I now weigh 145 lbs…almost one year after surgery. Never did I have any health problems, I was just fat. Operation Date: February 2013 Weight Loss: 100 lbs.

"I don't drink anymore because I was doing it too much," she says, "but I found now I eat a lot more than I did immediately following the surgery." Instead of a festive glass of wine, mug of beer or cocktail, "I eat and instead of going out to party, I'll go out to eat." Her portions are still small, so this focus on food has not resulted in any weight regain or physical symptoms such as nausea or vomiting. "I'm still not in the best of shape, but I can keep up and I'm actually one of the better girls on my team." And this new sense of confidence permeates into other aspects of her life.

"When I crave something, I fulfill the urge with a smaller portion than I used to have and am done with it," she says. Dina joined a gym, but was too self-conscious and cancelled her membership. "I notice myself doing things I wouldn't think to do before," she says. "I was always so self-conscious being on the train because I felt like I was taking up so much room, but now I don't even care." That's not to say that everything is rosy since her surgery.

That's not to say it has been easy, but Dina has no regrets.

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