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Lea Timeline Circa: Aug, 2008 (8/8-10)Lea finally gets to play Epoinne in a special concert series for the Hollywood Bowl in LA.She gets to belt out Own My Own, a iconic song for a young female musical theater actress.

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Another audition the piano player skips part of the song and they laugh during a serious scene.

Lea also slaps the casting director during a scene.

It will then start airing regularly 4 months later in September. Timelinecirca: Jan 2009 (1/13)Lea attend the FOX Winter All Star Party - January 13, 2009. Lea Michele msleamichele It’s official Rachel Berry will be back next year for season 4! Lea Timelinecirca: Jan 2012Lea if featured on the cover of TV Guide to promote the Micheal Jackson episode.

Also on the cover, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera and Darren Criss.

John will also appear in the third episode of glee called “Accafellas” as Henri the shop teacher with no thumbs.

Lea’s Rachel Berry and John’s Henri have no scenes together. Timelinecirca: August 2008Lea auditions for a glee.Lea thinks the audition goes badly, but little did she know she was doing a lot of things that were and would be Rachel Berry. ZWF910Bp5c NU_Vpgguys we’re gonna have so much fun… Timelinecirca: Sept 2008On Sept 2, 2008 Lea was offered the role of Rachel Berry., thetheatre’s 10th anniversary benefit concert will be presented at Santa Ana’s OC Pavilion. Zo B1EQ0g1BY Ikal HNk VI XMf Pi K_ULea Timelinecirca: Sept 2008 (9/20/08)Lea attends the opening of 9 to 5 with than boyfriend John Lloyd Young.Slated to appear in the Valentine’s Day episode on Feb 14, 2012. I’m so excited to be the new spokes woman for Candies!! Glee is up for best cast in a comedy but does not win. Lea Michele msleamichele Laying in the sun in one of the most beautiful places in the world.. Lea has been in on billboards before once for while in Spring Awakening and for glee.Lea Timelinecirca: March 2012Lea appears on the cover of Prestige Magazine. Timeline Circa: March 2012Lea and Cory go to New York for the weekend.This year has been so amazing & I cannot WAIT for next year:) It’s going to be great…I’m so grateful for our amazing crew and most of all to all of YOU!

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