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However, that was its practical effect, and it was popularly referred to as a merger. changed its name to Community Kitchen/Horizon Center, Inc. The Hope Center exists because the Urban County Government called for its creation.

on February 4, 1991, thereby reflecting the popular notion that the two corporations had merged. The report stated that needs must be met on a variety of levels, beginning with the provision of safe and accessible shelter.

Social Services Social Services provides temporary assistance for those in need.

For these reasons, the Hope Center, pursuant to its mandate from the Urban County Government, has sought to address the multiple issues affecting the homeless population.

Since 1993, it has developed a variety of programs to do just that.

Emergency Shelter The shelter opened in June, 1993.

This is the Hope Center’s primary function, in the sense that it is generally the first service offered to a homeless person.

It features a detoxification unit for those who are under the influence when they arrive, a Motivational Track, which requires clients to demonstrate their commitment to entering the program by attending classes and AA or NA meetings for two weeks or longer, a Phase 1 in which the men devote their entire time to learning about addiction, the principles of recovery, the Twelve Steps, and how to plan and live a life free from drugs and alcohol, and a Phase 2 in which the men begin the process of seeking employment and housing outside the facility.

The program is progressive in nature and also relies on a set of incentives as each client progresses.

The Community Kitchen itself moved into that building so that food and services could be joined in one place. That asset transfer is why the Community Kitchen is generally included as part of the history of the Hope Center, even though it was not a direct corporate ancestor.

Legally speaking it was not a merger of the two corporations.

In order to leave homelessness, one generally needs an income and a place to live.

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