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You may use your Visa Debit Card to initiate both Visa debit transactions and non-Visa debit transactions without using a personal identification number (PIN) to authenticate the transactions.

To initiate a Visa debit transaction, you may sign a receipt, provide a card number or swipe your card through a terminal and choose to route the transaction over a Visa network.

That debt aversion might explain why those of us who got our financial footing during the Great Recession are more leery of credit than other generations: According to a Bankrate survey, two-thirds of people ages 18 to 29 don’t have a credit card, compared with only one-third of people over 30.

“But it’s dangerous to assume that all plastic is treated the same way by credit reporting and scoring agencies,” says credit expert John Ulzheimer, who spent years at FICO and Equifax.

You should never disclose your PIN number to anyone.

If you have questions please contact Plus Credit Union.

The rights and protections applicable only to Visa debit transactions, including additional consumer liability limits and streamlined error resolution procedures, as described in your Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure will not apply to transactions processed through non-Visa networks.

Please contact Plus Credit Union with any questions you may have regarding this notice.

“Only credit cards make it onto your credit report, so if you avoid them you’re really not doing anything to help your credit score or establish your credit report.” Even if you don’t plan to apply for a car loan or mortgage anytime soon, when you are ready to apply, those lenders will factor the age of your credit report into their decision.

Opening a credit card in your 20s will mean you have a more, ahem, mature credit report than if you open one in your 30s, which can help you get a better or bigger loan—even if your finances are otherwise unchanged.

Plus Credit Union is now offering 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Loans! This number leads you to an automated system to collect your card number and other sensitive information.


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