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So I'll send you some pictures of the ones I have and see what you think and if…" Hi. On May 6, 7, 8 the Kansas Singles In Agriculture has a fun event planned, centered around the Kansas Sampler Festival in Winfield Ks.Also included are tours of the Henry’s Candy Company Factory in Dexter, Helium Memorial Park in Dexter, and Winfield Consumer Product (floor mats, mud flaps, etc.). Montana Mike’s, food at the Kansas Samper Festival, Dine, then Dance to Joe Harris (oldies) Sat.evening at Quail Valley Farm,, and Sunday lunch at…

It's changed in the Amish community over the years and it’s so unfortunate that most people don’t know so much of the true substance about the modern Amish community.

When you've settled in a bit, feel free to get relationship tips by reading our articles on Amish dating advice.

And I'll do anything as long as it is…""Well it's not really run on the horse. but I'll have to be honest, winter time is pretty thin for us and maybe in the spring when work picks up I can start thinking about getting some new clothes like that.

I set up road side stands for the crafts the kids and I make but when it comes to the herbal medicine I use my horse more the time to make house calls. You sound like you have a pretty interesting life, how do you run…""I can't wear side saddle skirts it's not productive since I train horses, and run a herbal medicine business for humans and animals mostly on my horse. I live in Montana and am looking to meet some new friends on this sight, and if God is willing or it is in His plan to find a soul mate, someone I can love til death do us part. Are there ever any social events that we can go to?

I can’t wait to ask my next date for his interpretation of the Schleitheim Confession.

As Christians, we believe that God is love, and that we are called to participate in the love that God has for the world – the same love that was revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Anyway, I reasoned, wouldn’t a Menno chap be just the kind of partner I’m looking for? I live two hours from the nearest Mennonite church, and I don’t attend every Sunday. Is this a question of my place on the liberal-conservative spectrum or of my belief in Mennonite pillars of faith?

After weeks of fighting the idea of dating online, I finally began the application process. Three food items that best represent Mennonites for you. If I were a Mennonite of Russian descent from Kansas, I might say zweiback or borscht.

A few months ago, I discovered a Mennonite online dating service: Menno Meet (a friend asked, “Menno Meet or Menno Meat? It’s a members-only network, so to participate you have to apply. Knowing also how ambivalent some of my generation are about their Mennonite faith, I imagine it’s a way to discern active believers from those merely claiming a Mennonite cultural identity. In responding to this, I’m faced with questions that have nagged at me for several years: I’m not convinced that the aspects of the Mennonite faith that I hold most dear (simplicity, community support and accountability, the peace church stance, service) are necessarily Mennonite truths across the country.

Nervous about online dating in the first place, I liked the idea of starting with the familiar and comfortable world of my Mennonite faith background. But as a way to identify active faith the question is a tricky one. The Mennonite world ranges from very conservative to quite liberal.

Which probably explains my past relationships with “Tumultuous Tina,” “Horticulture Hannah,” and “Triskaidekaphobia Diane.” But Marcia was funny as well, and entirely adorable.


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