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I can see only one real exception at the moment, it's the case of Somali children born in the USA, Canada and Nordic countries developing Autism much more often.

There is certainly a gene at work here that starts expressing itself in those environments and brings an autistic phenotype, considering how unlikely it is for people with autism (especially those are quite extreme cases) to have children, these genes will soon disappear from the Somali populations living in USA/Canada/Nordic countries. Even for med-phenotyped people (like myself) freezing wheather around 40 degrees below, it is something I wouldn't take with care.

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Isn't against nature to move where our bodies aren't addapted?

But some races were designed for the tropics and others for the freezing weather. Try to run at 6.000 meters of altitude and you will realize that. Only a people that through the selection of some genes by the mountain environment as well as a phenotype impacted since birth by their environment will be more able to live in altitude.

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Of course life will be more difficult there for someone who isn't used to it, but that most probably will not prevent them from having children and their children surviving easily.

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