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“They messaged me after seeing my profile, and following an exchange of messages through Down To Jam where we talked about the band and what kind of commitment was required, I was invited to come out for an informal audition,” Whyte said.

The audition was a success, and after only a few months of rehearsals, Urban Jive—with newest full-time member Whyte on vocals and strings—co-headlined a benefit show at a jampacked Mod Club in Toronto.

From beginners to pros, there’s someone for everyone on Down To

” The matching algorithm automatically analyzes those answers and the information in each user’s profile, and generates matching percentages that appear next to every musician on the site.

You might ask, ‘If two musicians on the site are actually musically compatible but answered these questions so differently that the site tells them they’re not a great match, why wouldn’t they still try and connect?

But what the matching percentages try to do is provide a preview of how you might get along with that user, both on stage and off.

Indeed you might start a successful project with a musician who is a low match, but the site’s three owners believe you’re more likely to achieve success with a musician who is a high match.

’ For tattoo fanatics If you ‘think tattoos are amazing and want to talk to like-minded people’, just like man seeking woman from Tunbridge Wells, is for you.

It’s aimed at tatt lovers looking for something more than skin deep.For example, it looks at the instruments you play, your skill level, your genre preferences, your goals (i.e.are you looking to jam for fun or are you looking to start up a touring band? Secondly, it looks at your answers to music-related questions found on the site’s dashboard.Do say: ‘It’s more environmentally friendly to drive a Hummer than eat meat.’ Don’t say: ‘Nice recipe – have you tried it with bacon?’ For music-geeks Know your Mudhoney from your Jane’s Addiction, or your Goa trance from your gabba? Example: ‘My fave bands are Joan Of Arc, Fugazi, Make Believe, Owen, Rescue, Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, Algernon Cadwallader and much, much more,’ says yourdorightguy, 33, from Ohio.Do say: ‘If you’re into garage-rock, how about a long night clubbing?


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  2. The only drawback of this app is that it tends to feature explicit content, especially in chat rooms designed for adults over the age of 18.

  3. An excellent choice for your first date venue if you are looking to impress.

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