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The Catholic Church was believed to have further divided into the Western Orthodox Church in Western Europe and the Eastern Orthodox Church which resided in Eastern Europe.


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Many people identify the Nativity Fast as the period of preparing to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.

It is believed that fasting helps people shift their focus from themselves to others, spending less time worrying about food and using more time in increased prayer and caring for the poor.

Orthodox Christianity and Christianity in general believe in the Oneness of God yet in Three Persons but their goals are slightly different.

The Orthodox Church believes that eternal life is the chief goal while the non-orthodox is to enjoy God forever and to glorify Him.

We must go back in time to get a better understanding.

The collection of canonical books in Orthodox Christianity’s Bible has more books than both the Catholic Bible and the Bible used by Protestants.Orthodoxy has widespread use of icons while Protestantism have few if any and the Catholic Church has some but not as widespread as Orthodox Christianity.Orthodoxy and Catholicism are closely related in their means of salvation through the Sacraments and through the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord while non-orthodox believers hold that it is through faith we are saved apart from any works and that it is through Christ’s death and resurrection.As far as confessing sins, the Orthodox are similar to the Catholics in that they confess their sins through intercession with the clergy and this absolves them from sins.One difference here is that Catholic’s confess mortal sins to a priest and venial sins straight to God while Protestants confess all sins to God through Jesus Christ.Their Intercessor is Jesus Christ Himself and they pray to God the Father through Him and this absolves them from all their sins.

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