Playstation 3 not updating games

Danish, German, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese.The Play StationĀ® 3 system software is the updatable firmware and operating system of the Play Station 3.

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Furthermore, the Play Station 3 provides printing support.

It can for example print images and web pages when a supported printer is connected via a USB cable or a local network.

The basic features offered by XMB implementations varies based on device and software version.

Apart from those appearing in the PSP console such as category icons for Photos, Music and Games, the PS3 added Users, TV and Friends to the XMB. In-game XMB features were added to the PS3 properly with firmware version 2.41 after causing early implementation problems.

While XMB proved to be a successful user interface for Sony products such as PSP and PS3, the next generation Sony video game consoles such as the Play Station 4 and the Play Station Vita no longer use this user interface.

The Play Station 3 supports Remote Play with Sony's handheld game consoles, the Play Station Portable and the Play Station Vita.

However, not all Play Station 3 models are backwards compatible with the Play Station 2 games.

In summary, early PS3 consoles such as the 60GB and 20GB launch PS3 consoles were backwards compatible with PS2 games because they had PS2 chips in them.

Also, for users having both the Play Station 3 and the Play Station Vita, it is possible to share media files videos, music and images between them by transferring multimedia files directly from the Play Station 3 to the Play Station Vita, or vice versa.

Furthermore, they can use a service called Cross-Buy which allows them to buy certain games that support this feature one time, and play them in both Sony platforms.

In addition, some PS3 games can be played on the PS Vita using the Play Station Now streaming service.


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