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They may or may not intersect.: I showed “Strategic Positioning” to one of my gay mates. They have quite rigid ideas about what it means to be gay.

This is actually really good.”: Well, within Gay Culture, my work doesn’t have a typically “Gay Aesthetic.” It’s not slick. : Yes, and everybody wants to be in the mainstream.

They think they are oppressed until they get in the mainstream. I think it’s ok for Gay people to get married as a way of having the same rights as Straight people.

By being visible at London Gay Pride there’s several subcategories of “audience” on top of a general Pride audience.

You’ve got Gay men, HIV positive men, HIV positive activists, artists and architects, and performance artists. : Yes, the audience who never go to art exhibitions is probably the most interesting to me.

We covered Visual Art installations and Performance, HIV, being a Gay Man, commodification of different body types, PHD research, sex, drugs, hedonism, science, queerness, maximalism, toilets, drag queens, gay bars, cruising, Grindr, neon lights and where he’d been on his holidays.

We laughed we cried…..: One of your priorities for this project must be letting people know it is happening.Visitors were immersed in a multisensory world in which they could watch videos and live performances, get lost in the maze and have food and drink in the performance bar.I chatted to John just before he was about to attend London’s Gay Pride to publicise the London show.You can look at the relationship between the work and the audience on multiple levels.You can conceptualise it as an immersive carnival of colour and frivolity.Alien Sex Club, was a major multimedia project in the form of an Art installation, by the fabulous and flamboyant British Artist John Walter.

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