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This, the tenth edition of the Film Festival, features free open air film presentations throughout the town of Sax, a competition for the best short film, feature films and concert presentations. - Each participant may submit as many films as you want.

Encounters and a Master Class for Filmmakers are held hosted by recognized professionals such as the actor Aldo Sambrell, the composer Luis Ivars, the Fundraiser Elsa Martínez, the critic Antonio Sempere or the filmmaker Eugenio Mira. The theme and genre of the short films will be free.

Sax film

Her suspicions persuade her to hire a private detective to follow her husband. Renault marries Wallace, but Wallace then betrays Renault, falling in love with Renault's young protege, Daisy (played by Viola Barry). The chastened Renault does nothing to disrupt the relationship, resigned to a life of solitude.

It was Renault who had coached Daisy in the ways of seducing wealthy married men. The film's final intertitle reads, "The standards of morality eternally demand that the naked soul of Sex be stripped of its falsehoods – which can only be atoned for through bitter tears." One of the unusual elements in the filming of Sex was the use of three cameras.

- The short films are eligible for the award for best short film history by either setting, plot, characters, etc.

regardless of whether the work is fiction, animation or documentary.

- All winning entries will receive the trophy Sax Thurtle.

- It may propose also creating new special mentions prizes ...Two representatives from each winning entry will receive a free one night stay on the closing of the festival with dinner and breakfast the day after the Hotel "Fuente del Cura" Sax: The Festival is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur works.- All information and materials may be included in the publications of the Festival or even other and disseminated by other means.Otherwise, the organization will present the prize for the winner.- The organization will provide free and accommodated the winners.At the same time, the film included scenes of seduction and debauchery that made it the subject of controversy over its prurient content.

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