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In this view, the final reality gives no value system, no basis for law, and no basis for man as unique and important.

Beginning about eighty years ago, we began to move from a Judeo-Christian consensus in this country to a humanist consensus, and it has come to a special climax in the last forty years… And today… the consensus in our country and the western world, is no longer Judeo-Christian, but the general consensus is humanist.

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Professor took off for one section of the paper that did not have enough information.

Not sure if it was the writer or if the professor was just a BUTT!

You are better off to find a true Christian dating site, like Christian Cafe, that has other singles that have the same values and pursuits in their lives.2.

Getting involved in a secular dating site may also be a bad idea because it could be a bad testimony.

The First Amendment was that there should be no national state church for the thirteen colonies, and that the federal government should never interfere with the free expression of religion.

Today it has been turned over by the humanistic society, the American Civil Liberties Union, and so on, and the First Amendment is made to say the very opposite, that Christian values are not allowed to be brought into contact with the governmental process.In their view, the final reality has nothing to say about any real value, any unique value to human life.In our country, this shows itself in many ways, but it most clearly shows itself in the syndrome of abortion leading to infanticide, leading to the euthanasia of the aged. The First Amendment, of course, has been stood on its head.A study of the Humanities is the study of human creativity - often related to classical learning, but also to the whole of human creativeness. And we must never forget that one of the distinguishing marks of the Judeo-Christian God is that not everything is the same to Him.And as such Christians above everyone should be interested in the Humanities. deal with a Christian consideration of the Humanities - being thankful for the creativity which is a natural part of Man because people are made in the image of God. He has a character, and some things agree to His character and some things conflict with that character.if we continue to insist in walking down this road, at some point, as God is God and not all things are the same to God, we who have trampled so completely on all those amazing things that God has given us in this country, can we expect that God does not care?


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