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Unsurprisingly, many of your victims were deeply upset by your conduct.

Some, including some of those I have selected as examples, were distraught to the extent that they contemplated taking their own lives, as one young girl told you herself.

Of particular concern to me is the fact that by the latter period of your conduct, when you were aged nearly 20 you had contact with two different 13-year-old girls.

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You compelled a 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity for you to view despite her protestations about her age.

You ignored the pleas of a 14-year-old boy who begged to be left alone and you continued to force him to engage in sexual conduct for you to view.

You pretended to Dr Mc Pherson that you were not involved in this conduct and made the ludicrous claim to the author of the social enquiry report that you were consistently so drunk and under the influence of cannabis, in your own parents’ home, that you had no memory of any of the conduct to which you had pled guilty.

You also pretended that you were suffering from a psychiatric illness which involved you being compelled to act by voices so that you might avoid responsibility for your conduct.

You then removed the image and callously threatened to re-post it if she did not remove her clothes on camera within 10 seconds, which demand she complied with in part.

You then subsequently told that young girl that you had booked a room at a hotel and that you would delete the pictures you had of her after meeting up with her for sex.

The girl told Mc Cluskey that she would kill herself if her mother found out.

At the High Court in Glasgow on 14 January 2015, Lord Turnbull imposed an extended sentence on Andrew Mc Bride of four years and five months in custody and a further three years on licence after the accused pled guilty to multiple sexually-related charges of fraud and extortion against children and young adults.

On sentencing, Lord Turnbull made the following statement in court: “This case serves as a warning of the risk of sexual exploitation to which teenage children can be exposed through what they might consider to be normal use of social media.

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