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Haesindang Park Also known as Penis Park, Haesindang Park is full of totem-pole like penis carvings, which make for interesting hiking scenery, to say the least.The story behind the park is that there was once a virginal young woman who was engaged to be married.

According to the legend attached to the site, Nanahoa the male fertility god, lived nearby with his wife.

One day, the wife caught her husband checking out a young girl and, outraged, yanked her hair.

Beate Uhse Erotic Musuem The Beate Uhse Erotic Museum is the biggest erotic museum in the world.

Moreover, Beate Uhse, the woman whom the venue is named after, opened the first sex shop (“marital hygiene” shop) in 1962.

It is said that the 2-ft long penis-shaped boulder was put there to stop horny monks who were turned on by the feminine hill from hooking up with young girls.

The City of Amsterdam It’s hard to choose just one sexy site in Amsterdam, as the city seems to ooze eroticism.

To this day, the site is still a sacred place of sex and fertility where women come to pray and make offerings, as can be seen by the surrounding coins, flowers, and shells.

Body Politics Body Politics is Australia’s first National Museum of Erotica and contains a collection of erotic art, sexual artifacts, and pornographic materials.

What’s great about this museum is it blends sexual celebration with education as visitors can learn about things like how porn has changed through the decades, and how ideas on sexuality have evolved.

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