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The Arab League suspended Syria's membership at the end of 2011 following months of brutal repression of anti-regime demonstrations and an opposition movement supported by Gulf monarchies.

Turning to new US President Donald Trump's proposal of establishing safe zones for refugees in Syria and Yemen, another war-torn Arab nation, Lavrov expressed scepticism."The Trump administration still has to work out a concrete approach.

Speaking to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Mr Johnson set out policy routes to try and mitigate the destruction of the five-year conflict that has killed some 300,000 people and displaced half the country’s population.

He said: “Our options now are to try on the humanitarian front, to try to find extra ways of getting help into Aleppo, to do what we can to warn the people of Aleppo about impending air strikes, to support the White Helmets [charity], to support all types of humanitarian relief, to intensify sanctions on some of the key players in the Assad regime and on the Russians as well.

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But Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit, speaking at the same press conference, ruled out an early return of Syria to the Cairo-based organisation.

Any decision was up to the League's 21 other members, he said, adding that the issue was not on the current agenda and would only be raised when "a political settlement" was in sight for Syria's almost six-year-old civil war.

But most people, I think including [US Secretary of State] John Kerry, feel that the process of discussion with the Russians has basically run out of road and on Sunday we’ll be talking about all the options that we think are available to us and to the West.


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