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Perhaps it does not much matter, but belly dancing is ultimately of Turkish (Ottoman) origin.Maybe that's what gives this disc a higher degree of authenticity than most belly dance albums.

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I will feature interviews from students from my belly dance school and will blog about belly dance around the world and belly dance fusions.

In this 1 edition we interview one of my students Joey, who shares her belly dance experiences with you all, we talk about belly dance and brain training, we have a spotlight on Turkish Belly Dance, and I share some expert juicy tips and advice on the ‘hip box’ AKA ‘square’, take a FREE online class with me, AND put your stamina to the test in a belly dance challenge! I also teach and break this move down in my Essentials DVD.

The odalisques were at the bottom tier of the harem hierarchy.

They were not concubines, although they could potentially (and rarely) rise up to this next tier if they possessed enough beauty, talent, and grace.

When the harems were abolished at the turn of the century, some of the dancers who sought new work began performing in European style theatre halls in Istanbul.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Kemal Atatürk pushed to modernize the new Republic of Turkey.

I will address the taboo’s of belly dance and really begin to uncover everything that comes together to form this beautiful art.

I am a Professional belly dancer and belly dance teacher and run my school of belly dance and belly dance fusions throughout the week in Central London In my blogs I will report on belly dance and its different elements, influences, origins and ever evolving styles that make up the many parts of belly dance we know and love.

Turkish belly dance uncovered and belly dance tips Hello, I am Melissa Belly Dance and welcome to my blog where I uncover and share the mysterious and beautiful world that is everything belly dance.

My blog will be full of tips and advice on improving belly dance techniques, using belly dance to lose weight, tone up and be a happier sexier more confident you.

He favoured regional folk dances and classical ballet to Oriental Dance.

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