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If the lady does care about the age – she writes it in her profile in man's description like “the age is very important for me, so do not waste your time with me” etc. The marriage agencies are so popular in Ukraine simply because statistically there are more women than men here in Ukraine.

This is the first reason why the girl coming to the agency to find her future partner.

Dear Members, if you made up your mind to find Ukrainian brides, you'd better learn a bit more before you start.

How many letters do we have to exchange before I can meet the lady?

No letters needed at all – just buy the ticket and come to Kiev; for saving your time we recommend you to use our matchmaking service or just think about preparing the introductions in advance. To meet a nice serious and family-oriented girl from our marriage agency you just need to have a desire to come here and meet the girl. This will ensure you we are a real dating and marriage agency, and always happy to help.

7/ height/ weight – we do not have scales or measuring growth in our office so we trust the lady is written this info in her profile; normally the ladies know perfectly their height and especially weight:)8/ eye color and hair color – the eye color is constant but hair color can be changed from time to time, in this case (if the lady dyed her hair – we ask her to send the new photos and change the photos in her profile; and of course change the information about hair color)10/ languages – the lady assesses the language skills by herself but please pay attention: - if you want to meet a lady who speaks English rather good without the interpreter – choose the level 4 or 5;13/ number of children – we ask the lady to write the children she has even if the child is 20 , 30 etc.

We cannot check this information but from the other side we had never have a situation when the lady wrote wrong information about it; 14/ description of children – normally the lady writes the name of a child (or just son/daughter – if she does not want to write the name) and the age (the age of the child does not change automatically and it is written the age of a child when the lady was registered with us, so this info can be out of date though we are trying to keep it updated);16/ partner's age – the lady writes approximately the age of the man she wants to meet as 90% of the ladies do not care much about the age (if they write that they are looking up to 45 years old and you are 50 – you still have a chance to try and lady's interest will depend on many things and age is not the principle one (normally).

Actually everything is very individual and everybody has her own story “why”.

Why Ukrainian girls want to get married the foreigner?

We offer transfer from Borispol Airport to Kiev for a good price. It is better to use the experience of Ukrainian drivers as for the driving here. Sure, we have a variety of apartments located in the city centre; our marriage agency work only with reliable owners here in Kiev.

If you decide to rent a car in Kiev, Ukraine see our next FAQ below. As for the hotels – there are many of them and if you tell us your preferences we will surely recommend you something. Of course it is very individual and depends, but based on the experience of our dating and marriage agency we could say that it is from 10 to 15 years difference. Many girls in Kiev do (about 65%), if you will go to other towns out of Kiev it would be much less percentage of the girls who speak English (about 10-15%). Yes of course we can help with the interpreters if you need.

If the girl comes to register in the international marriage agency here in Kiev, she tries to learn English as we work only with foreigners and it is important for her to speak the same language with her future husband, moreover knowing of foreign language increases her chances to date the guy from abroad and get married. In our marriage and dating agency there are English-, French-, Italian-, Spanish-, German-speaking interpreters in our staff with different experience (from 2 years experience of translating till 10 years of experience).

It is desirably to contact us 24 hours before even though we work 24/7/365. Yes, we work with the agencies in Poltava and Mariupol and we have one more web site you can see all profiles of the ladies from these towns: If 2 parties are still intretsed there are a few options (the rules of the agency does not allow to change the contact information): 1/ you can order one more skype conference; 2/ you can buy lady's contact details and communicate with her directly (skype, phone, e-mail, viber, whatsup etc - everything she agrees to provide) 3/ you can come to Kiev and we will arrange the meeting with the lady.

The apartments in the city centre are safe, good quality, and reasonable price (some guys tells us that the minus of the apt – comparing it with the hotel – is that there is no breakfast but the price and location compensate it moreover you can have tasty breakfasts in different places every day; many restaurants have “breakfast menu” with a really good price).

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