Updating adobe reader in the enterprise

ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/ In this case I downloaded Adobe Reader 11.0.07 for Windows.

You can find this information on the Adobe Website along with link-able release notes and other useful information.

This is important if you are using SCCM 2012 and using the supercedence feature within the application model.

In it’s generic form, the version number will appear as Because organizations have processes that require them to certify & test updates prior to deployment, it is possible to disable updates and control when and how they get deployed.

However, desktop-integrated services need to interact with cloud-based components.

If you are interested in step-by-step instructions on slipstreaming and file extraction there is an Excellent Post on Slipstreaming.

Adobe Reader out of cycle (OOC) updates are a different story.The Adobe Reader XI Update Cycle For Example: If you are updating Adobe Reader from 11.0.03 to 11.0.04 you can see in the graphic above that this is a quarterly release being updated to another quarterly release.So at this point you can apply the 11.0.04 quarterly update to the Adobe Reader 11.0.0 base release to create an SCCM 2012 Application.Because those cloud components are regularly updated to work with the latest version of the desktop product, both tracks should also be regularly updated.To ensure that desktop-online service workflows perform flawlessly, Adobe recommends that you roll out the latest update within 60 days of its public release.Updating and patching typically requires that users are local administrators on their PC, but that is not allowed in this corporate environment.

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