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Here are two easy (and inexpensive) ways to update your Sound Dock and bring it into 2010.

Make it Wireless The small and sleek Anycom FIPO Module (.99) turns any i Pod speakers that have a dock connector into wireless bluetooth speakers (fancy! You can stream music wirelessly from any A2DP capable device (that includes i Phone 3G/3GS/4, 2nd/3rd Gen i Pod Touch, and pretty much any laptop with bluetooth).

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In 1998, Bose introduced the Wave Radio/CD, essentially Wave Radio with a CD player. In 2004, Bose redesigned the Wave Radio/CD, naming it the Wave Music System (temporarily called the Wave Radio/CD II).

It utilizes a front-loading CD/MP3 CD player, the buttons were removed from atop the Wave.

It uses standard audio cables and charges the i Pod while it is docked.

The remote can control basic the functions of the i Pod and the Wave system.

Some names have been abbreviated and at times full names have been shortened to save space ("AWMS = Acoustic Wave music system"; "WMS" = Wave music system"; "WR" = Wave Radio & "SL" = Sound Link) Sources: Bose owners guides In 1984 the original Bose Wave system, called the Acoustic Wave Music System (AW-1), was Bose's first-ever tabletop radio.

It uses two 2 inch tweeters, and a four inch woofer (which is the only speaker utilizing the Wave Guide), a cassette player, and an AM/FM radio into a mid-sized tabletop stereo system.This system features a dual tapered waveguide and revised drivers.Aside from the lack of a CD player, the Wave Radio II is identical to the Wave Music System.In 1992 that Bose replaced the cassette player with a CD player (the CD2000), but Bose continued to sell a cassette player version (the CS2010) as an alternative to the CD version until the Acoustic Wave Music System v3 (CD3000) replaced both of them in 1996.In 2006, Bose introduced the new Acoustic Wave Music System II, which added MP3 CD playback, a bigger screen, a Boselink port and a headphone output.Bose Corporation's Wave Music Systems are table top audio systems which were first released in 1984.


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