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We wanted to provide some additional details on the various options available for installing these updates.

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You can rename the files based on their KB number as we’ve done below to make them easier to identify.

Then use the EXPAND utility to extract the files from the files into separate directories and copy the into a single folder.

After installing an update from Windows Update, you can find the log files at %Program Data%\Software Distribution\Logs\Windows Update.

We are continuing to investigate ways to improve and streamline the update experience for Nano Server.

mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936 mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366 Expand C:\Servicing Packages\KB3176936-F:* C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936 Expand C:\Servicing Packages\KB3192366-F:* C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366 mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_cabs copy C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936\Windows10.0-KB3176936-x64C:\Servicing Packages_cabs copy C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366\Windows10.0-KB3192366-x64C:\Servicing Packages_cabs Now you can use the extracted files to apply the updates to a Nano Server image in a few different ways, depending on your needs.

The following options are presented in no particular order of preference – use the option that makes the most sense for your environment.

Windows Server Nano VHD software is licensed by Microsoft Corporation.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) enables information technology administrators to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates to computers that are running the Windows operating system.

The primary audience for this course are existing database professionals with experience of SQL Server 2014 who want to update their skills to SQL Server 2016.

Additionally this course is for existing SQL Server 2014 MCSAs who want to prepare for the Upgrade exam for SQL Server 2016 certification.

Languages Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish Evaluation Options PLEASE READ PRIOR TO INSTALLING THE Nano VHD IMAGE: The license terms of the Microsoft Windows Server Nano Eval software (“License Terms”) apply to your use of the Microsoft Windows VHD usage.


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