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Below is the one that’s most accessible, in our opinion: Hello Talk: An i OS/Android app that is free and great to use for chatting.

You can find partners from all over and schedule times to talk.

The beauty of online chatting lies in its anxiety-free setting.

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Updated: 06/29/2016The idea of online chatting or instant messaging, has changed over the years. Now, with Smartphones and 3G capabilities, you can chat online with anyone in the world.

Think of it like sending text messages, except it’s free.

But that is far from the only way to practice your foreign language skills!

If you want to practice speaking but feel intimidated or too shy, check out this solution that may be right up your alley.

You can also easily initiate conversation with your partners and set the type of conversation you want to have (chat, audio or video calls).

The app also offers tools to help you in your exchange, such as a translator, voice transcription, etc…

On our blog we share the best language hacks and resources to help you learn a language on your own.

The best way to get started is visiting this page where you can find a selection of our best posts : i Talki is a website where you can find language partners and tutors to practice languages with native speakers.

Online chatting is like simulating a real-life conversation, except that you get to think beforehand.

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